New & Returning Students:  Prior to filling out this form, please contact Andrea to discuss and confirm lesson time and day. 

**Please do not fill this form out until your lesson day and time has been confirmed with Andrea.**

This registration form will take approximately 10 minutes to fill out and submit. 

You have the option at any time to switch from in-person to online lessons or vice versa. We abide by Health Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia Health Guidelines in regard to in-person lessons, temporary switches to online learning may be in effect.

Please bring to each lesson a pencil, eraser, highlighter, binder, looseleaf and all required book(s), flashcards, etc.  We recommend placing all items in a designated "music bag" to keep the student organized. 

* In-person voice students have the option to purchase and use a voice pop screen.  This replaces the use of a mask while singing. If wanting this item, please choose pop screen in the item labeled "Studio Products Needed". 

Thank you for your time and we appreciate your efforts,
The Registration Team
Andrea's Music Studio